Geometry Dash Sonic Wave Infinity

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Join Geometry Dash Sonic Wave Infinity which is an Extreme Demon Level made by Riot and Virpin. Traverse the deadly maze and get the highest possible score.

This game offers you an opportunity to explore the dark maze where you have to overcome various dangerous obstacles and traps. Hitting them will not only hurt you but also lead to the end of the adventure. Therefore, you need to be careful and try to evade them. In addition, when playing this game, you will see the constant change of the character. It changes not only its appearance but also its speed. Utilize your quick fingers and eyes to control the character to go as far as possible. Break a leg!

How to control: Click the left mouse button to jump or fly up.

Relevant information about Geometry Dash Sonic Wave Infinity

This game is an Extreme Demon Level of Geometry Dash and Geometry Dash Unblocked. It was created by Riot and Virpin and published by APTeamOfficial. It is possible to say that the game is a darker and buffed remake of Sonic Wave. Therefore, it will bring you a completely fresh playing experience. Play this game now and have fun. If you want more versions of this series, check out Geometry Dash: Mr Dubstep, Geometrica, and Geo Dash Neon on our website.

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