Fall Red Stickman

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Fall Red Stickman is a physics damage game where you try to injure your stickman as badly as possible. Get ready to experience this exciting and strange game.

Developer and release date

Fall Red Stickman is developed and published by Mirra Games which is a game development company. The game is launched on Tuesday, June 06, 2023.

Language of the game

The game offers two languages including English and Russian.

The goal of the game

In a normal game, the player is often asked to protect or help someone. However, in this game, you have a completely different goal as you will try to deal as much damage to your character as possible. Thus, you will get more points. Specifically, you will navigate a stickman character that moves and jumps down dangerous stairs. Stickman falls and he can break his leg, break his arm, and injure many other places on his body. The more complicated the jumps will make your stickman more seriously injured.

How To Play

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