Spank The Monkey

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Spank The Monkey is a sulky game in which your friend uses a fake hand to spank a monkey. Get rid of the feelings of boredom or stress by playing this game.

Show off your spanks

You are bored when you do not know what to do in your leisure time or are upset about something. Come to the game Spank The Monkey which is a perfect place for you to get rid of those negative emotions.

There are no quests in this game. You can relax without worrying about starting the game again or not completing the mission. Use YOUR MOUSE to drag the virtual hand in this game and make spanks towards the monkey next door. After the spanks, the game will show the power of those spanks to the monkey. The harder you pull the virtual hand, the stronger the force. Drag as fast as you can to discover your strongest force in this game.

How To Play

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