Geometry Dash Anubis

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Geometry Dash Anubis is a great geometry dash version developed by Adiale and GeoSlam1. Are you ready to conquer this first level in the Chaos Gauntlet series?

Overall, this Geometry Dash Anubis game includes all the featured features of the geometry dash series. Besides, the rules of the game are no different. You try to control the movement of the geometric cube avoiding colliding with the obstacles. However, there are a few new things in this game that people love. The game will be divided into several levels with their own difficulty level. Specifically, they include 0–24% (GeoSlam1), 25-45% (Adiale), 46-70% (GeoSlam1), 71-100% (Adiale). Therefore, when you progress to any level, you will know how close you are. Let's explore the fun of these levels.

Design of Geometry Dash Anubis

Similar to geometry dash unblock or geometry dash lite, players can see their score at the top of the screen. In addition, the number of times you play as well as the highest score in that number of times are also shown.

How To Play

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