Scrap Time

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Scrap Time allows you to fight an army of cruel robots in the form of a combat robot. Get ready to destroy as many robots as you can in this shooting game.

In this game, you will be responsible for controlling a killing robot but the robot is programmed to do evil tasks. These robots are hunting you to destroy you. You must both protect yourself and find a way to destroy them. Their number is increasing and they are also equipped with weapons with great damage. Will you be able to defeat them or will you become a pile of scrap metal?

Some notes that you should know

  • Around your play area there are weapon crates. It has a striking yellow color. Collect them to be able to fire more powerful attacks.
  • Occasionally you will see a circle appear on the ground. That represents the appearance of a robot enemy. Stay away from them or you can wait for their appearance to destroy them.
  • When you are surrounded by many enemies, the best way is to protect yourself and stay away from that place.

How To Play

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