Love Tester 3

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Welcome to Love Tester 3! In this game, you will experience the ability to test the compatibility of two people through their names more accurately.

How Love Tester 3 works

As I mentioned above, this game acts as a compatibility test of two people by their names. By writing the names of any two people in the two blanks and editing their gender. This machine will estimate and give the match of those two people. 100% is perfect while 50% is average. You can check how compatible you and your friends are. You can also check your compatibility with your crush or anyone. Test and evaluate how exactly this machine works.

Interesting features of the game

  • This game has been improved up to the 3rd version and it can give better accuracy than the previous two versions.
  • Easy to control with keyboard and mouse.
  • Anyone can play this game.
  • Graphics are mainly pink which is the color of love.

How To Play

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