Whack Your Boss

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It's time to play the Whack Your Boss game! Your mission is to find different ways to get rid of your complaining boss in this game. Have a great time!

You are an office worker and are often ordered by your difficult boss. You feel uncomfortable about it and today your discomfort has exploded. When your boss started to annoy you, you used the tools around to kill him. What will you use to kill him?

24 ways to kill the boss

The office has a lot of gadgets and gadgets with which you can destroy your boss. The game suggests that there are 24 possible ways to eliminate him. You notice all the lethal objects in the office and do your thing. Use your mouse to click on the apps. Your character will automatically move and use that object to destroy the boss. After you successfully kill the boss, the god of death will come and you will have a great time to yourself. How many ways can you find in this game? Good luck.

How To Play

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