Geo Dash Neon

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A new world with all kinds of colours. If you have played Geometry Dash Unblocked, you will know this game's rules. You will control a square block going through many different terrains. Many deadly traps are ready to crash into your character. Help your character jump over them. Of course, accomplishing this task is not easy. You have to react and observe quickly. Then, combined with the ability to control to have reasonable jumps.

Many worlds in Geo Dash Neon

There are five worlds in this game. You need to unlock them one by one. Each world has 10 levels. The higher level you gain, the more challenges you face. Each world will bring you a new challenge. Can you conquer all worlds? How many levels can you pass?

Jump over deadly obstacles in Geo Dash Neon

On this neon world, you can see many colourful blocks as well as obstacles. Try your best to avoid all obstacles. Otherwise, you have to restart that level. Your character will move continuously, so you just need to navigate them. Traps will appear anywhere. Therefore, a quick look at all the terrain is very necessary. Follow your process of a level by looking at the progress bar. When it reaches 100%, you will pass another level. Of course, you can unlock a new world when you complete all levels of the previous world.

What makes Geo Dash Neon attractive

  • All ages can play this game. The more times you play, the more experience you get. It also improves your reaction.
  • Coming to the game, you can experience the colourful world with many neon blocks.
  • Many exciting worlds are watching for you to explore.

How to control: Click the left mouse to jump.

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