Stickman School Run

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Stickman School Run is an addictive running game in which you play as a stickman trying to run away from the school to get to the girl you like.

Are you ready to run away from school? School is a heavily guarded place and it is very difficult to get out of it. There are many barriers that keep you from leaving school. But with your perseverance and courage, you are ready to accept those challenges. You run fast, jump over broken roads, throw triangulation tools to destroy deadly scissors, and collect coins. The girl you like is standing at the end of the street waiting for you. Reach her place, you win.

Levels in the Stickman School Run

There are a total of 100 levels in this exciting running game. After each level that you have just conquered, you will face more difficult levels with the appearance of more challenges. Are you ready to overcome hundreds of challenges to officially escape school completely? A dramatic and exciting journey awaits you ahead. Good luck!

How To Play

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