Red Ball

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Red Ball is an obstacle course game where you are tasked with navigating a rolling red ball and overcoming challenges to reach the finish line.

How to play Red Ball

This is a simple game and has similar gameplay to Jump Ball Adventures. The character in this game that you have to control is a red ball with a smiley face. Your goal is to control it to roll and jump over obstacles like bridges, rivers, and more while collecting stars on the way. Your red ball reaches the finish line of a level when you win that level. You and your red ball will continue to conquer more challenging roads and terrain in the next levels. In case you can't help the ball reach the finish line, the ball's smiley face will change to a sad one. Of course, you will have to start that level again. Every start-over is a great experience for you. Hope you can conquer the game soon.

How To Play

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