Jet Rush

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Take part in the game Jet Rush for a chance to control the plane. Become a skilled pilot by practicing flying the plane through difficult obstacles.

How to play

If you have a dream or hobby of flying a plane, this game will be a perfect choice for you no matter who you are. This game has a similar gameplay to the Flying Crash Bandicoot game when you will play the role of a pilot and practice your ability to control the plane. For you to be a great pilot, the game provides a flying environment with thousands of obstacles. Control the plane to fly over those obstacles. Your score represents the distance you travel in this game. The higher your score, the better it proves your ability to fly the plane. With beautiful graphics, vivid sound, interesting gameplay design with faster and faster flying speed of the aircraft, you will face a lot of difficulties to conquer this game. However, great and fun experiences are indispensable for you to receive.

How To Play

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