Duck Life

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Play Duck Life to enjoy adventures with a cute duck! Guide the duck to earn coins with the aim of rebuilding the farm. Control him to overcome all dangers!

There's been a disaster that everything on your farm was destroyed when a tornado hit. The only property left you to have is a duck egg. How to your farm as before. This depends on the only duck egg. You have to train your duck by playing different minigames. This will help you develop your duck's running, swimming, and flying skills. The more you practice, the faster and stronger the duck will get. During training, your duck can collect gold coins.

In addition, it is important to remember that for a duck of the athletic sort, nutrition is crucial. You can purchase the blue seed, which is completely endorsed by the duck Olympic committee and gives you a great energy boost. Regular grains are also available. Before engaging in any races, give your duck these seeds to boost its energy level.

After that, you can earn a ton of coins from races and get access to new things in the shop. The gold coins from training and races will be saved to build the farm.

Modes in the Duck Life game

Other running games usually require you 1 or 2 basic skills to complete the race. For example, in the Geometry Neon Dash 3 game, you only need the jumping skill. However, this game requires you to have several skills such as running, swimming, and flying. Therefore, you will receive training in these skills before starting an official race. Specifically, you can participate in 3 different training modes including Train Flying, Train Running, and Train Swimming. As their name suggests, you will receive different training on that skill. When you are confident enough, you can switch to Enter Race mode. This is where you can join the official races. Races in this mode will require you to perform many skills at the same time.

In addition, you will receive an assessment of your skills. The game offers 4 criteria: Energy, Running, Flying, and Swimming. You will know what level your skills are in the main menu.

Shop and Stats

The Duck Shop offers a wide range of items catering to your fashion needs. You can buy hats, seeds, and colors for your duck. Each item has a different price. You need to unlock the first item before knowing the second item.

Besides, the Stats panel allows you to track your duck's stats such as Flying Level, Swim Level, Running Level, Energy Level, and Total Level. Moreover, you can also track Total XP, Coins, Rank, and Duck Type.

How to control

  • The up arrow = jump.
  • The down arrow = dive.
  • The left and right arrows = move left and right.

How To Play

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