Geometry Dash Lite

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Come to Geometry Dash Lite to experience the new features of this latest version. Players have to control their characters to avoid colliding with obstacles.

The principles in Geometry Dash Lite

The rule of this installment is quite similar to other versions when your task is to navigate your game square to avoid colliding with and overcome obstacles. There are a lot of kinds of barriers on the tracks. They can be spikes, monsters, and so on. The game will be over if your square collides with them. You need to be quick because your character will move automatically and fast. The speed of your square will increase when you can go further. The game offers many stages to players. The special thing is each stage has different background and obstacles. Therefore, you won't be bored with them.

Multiple stages in Geometry Dash Lite

This game will differ from Geometry Dash Unblocked. This game provides 15 stages to players. You will be very surprised by the many stages. You may play this game for a long time because of a lot of stages. Of course, you won't be bored with just one background. Besides this, you have many options for your character skins. As you know, you will have 7 characters. The character will change after going through a portal. There are hundreds of skins for each character. You should be happy because all of the skins are available. It means that you don't need to unlock or buy them. Don't wait anymore, let's play this fun game.

The rules success in Geometry Dash Lite

  • You should play this game in full-screen mode because you can see all obstacles and the terrain clearly. From that, you will have a better game experience.
  • Knowing the distance between the character and danger is very important. When you can get the distance, you can have correct jumps.
  • If you are a beginner, you should play the easy stages. You can see the number of stars at each stage to know their difficulty level. When you become a pro, you can select the more challenging stages. With these tips, you will conquer this challenging game.

Some interesting features of the game

  • This game is the newest version of the geometry dash series. Therefore, you can experience the most beautiful graphics and unique features.
  • There is a variety of modes for you to experience.
  • A variety of game characters depends on the level you are in. You also can customize them with different colors and skins.
  • A variety of difficulties in the game to challenge you.
  • Easy control with the arrow keys or tap. Therefore, everyone can have a great time with this game.
  • Children also can enjoy this addictive game because of the simple graphics.

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