Blop Opera

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Become a bandleader in the game Blop Opera and create exciting music. Record tracks and share them for everyone to enjoy. Have a great time!

In this game, you will control 4 worms that emit different sounds to create a perfect sound mix. If you pull this worm at a different tension, the sound will be different. The more you stretch the worm, the louder the sound it makes. The success of your opera performance depends on your musical ability. Are you ready to enter this game and become a bandleader?

Control: Use the mouse to drag the worm

Tips for playing the game

Before officially performing an opera performance, you should test the musical ability of each worm. When you know the operability of each worm, there is a high chance that you will master the most harmonious and beautiful music. Play them over and over and record them for your production archives.

How To Play

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