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Geometrica offers a tricky puzzle platform for you. Here, you must activate the points to create paths helping a rectangular geometry reach the destination.

The kind of running platformer games is extremely familiar to all gamers. In recent years, this kind of game combined with puzzle games creates a new puzzle-platformer Geometrica game. Moreover, this game also owns beautiful graphics and simple control. That is hard to see in puzzle games.

Geometrica gameplay

Your main target is to go to the portal at the end of the road. In order to get the rectangular geometry to the end of the map and go to the next level, it has to overcome many dangerous terrains like lava. Jumping is a completely impossible way. The only thing you can do is to create a new road like a bridge for it to slide through. By matching yellow points together, you can make a bridge. However, in some places, it is necessary to destroy the previous road or bridge to have enough points for a new road.

More things about Geometrica

If your geometry falls down, unfortunately, you must restart this level again. There are a lot of levels in this game and they will be more and more difficult. If you want to play with geometric characters, but it is a fast-paced game, we suggest Geometry Dash Unblocked. Both of them are suitable for all ages, even children and families. You will have a good time when playing the game.

Developer and release date

Geometrica was made by FlowVix and was released in August 2020.

How to control

  • Use AD or left and right arrows to move
  • Use W or up arrow or space bar to jump
  • Press X to delete activated points
  • Left mouse button to activate points
  • Right mouse button or Z to deactivate points

How To Play

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