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Plangman is one of the most prominent games in the puzzle game genre. Your duty is to find every word in each level to unlock the secret story.

There is an interstellar fairy tale about a space pilot, the girl he loves, and the wizard who stands between them. However, this story that was handed down by word of mouth is no longer accurate. Discovery enthusiasts are always looking to the original story, and they did. Plangman is the place to help us know about this fairy tale.

Each Plangman participant had to guess the word or phrase indicated by the dash at the top of the screen. Each level is suggested the number of characters of that word. In addition, there is a key and a star that will give us additional hints when we get them. Let's be careful when collecting letters because you will have a restart when you accidentally fall into the abyss. After completing the word, you will unlock a part of the story. Overcome all levels and own yourself the whole story!

Graphics and Controls in Plangman

Basic Graphics

This game has simple graphics. When you come to this game, you will see the image of a 2D guy looking for answers. Blocks, items, and characters are plain green. Besides, the background is black. These two primary colors are coordinated with each other and create contrast. If you want to try a game with more eye-catching graphics, you can play Geometry Neon Dash 3.

How to control

  • R = reset a level
  • K = go back one level
  • B = use a bomb
  • WASD / arrow keys = move and jump
  • Space = select letters and drop blocks
  • L = skip a level you have previously beaten

This Plangman game is developed by von Lehe Creative. Since its launch in July 2022, this game has been noticed by puzzle game enthusiasts. Currently, this game has been updated. The last update was done in August 2022.

How To Play

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