Be the first to comment is a fantastic multiplayer arcade game. You take control of a snake which consumes power dots from both the environment and other players to grow.

It is stated that everyone is highly familiar with this game. In this game, your goal is to raise a little snake by navigating it to consume bright energy particles found all throughout the landscape. Eating continuously to be bigger because your snake's character has no full feeling. Additionally, there is a quicker way to support your rapid development. This way is to kill other snakes and consume the energy particles that they produce upon dying. You can kill them by trapping them so that their heads touch your snake body. What an interesting approach. Additionally, this implies that you will have no friends and everyone is your enemy. They will consider you as prey if you are not vigilant. Additionally, if the head of your snake strikes another snake character, you will perish.

You can choose your snake character freedom from a wide variety of snakes in various colors. In the right corner of the screen, there is a list of the top gamers. Put smart strategies to defeat other snake characters to rise to the top. Have a great time!

How to control

  • Move the mouse to control the direction of the snake.
  • Hold the left mouse to accelerate.

How To Play

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