Geometry Dash Dark Drop

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Welcome to Geometry Dash Dark Drop which is the last level of the last level in Chaos Gauntlet. Get ready for a two-part drama in this Dark Drop game.

Who made Geometry Dash Dark Drop?

NatDak and Alkali are two famous game programmers in the Geometry Dash series who created this game. They designed it as a 7 star challenge and 3 user coins Harder level collaboratio.

How to play

Like other Geometry Dash games, you play this game by clicking the left mouse button, tapping, or pressing the space bar.

Two parts of Geometry Dash Dark Drop

Developed from NatDak and Alkali, this game carries two separate parts by two programmers. 0% to 43% is the first part designed by NatDak while Alkali's part ranges from 44% to 100%. Overall, NatDak's part is considered easier than Alkali's part because it starts from the basic cube. In the middle of each section there are transitions that make your character transform into different characters and experience other adventures. Some of them are cube, wave, UFO, Robot, and more. Also the levels that you can note in this game are 22%, 51%, 61%, 71%, and 77%.

How To Play

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