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Welcome to the Hexoboy game! Your mission is to control a boy with a hexagon to pull the flag at the bottom of the map at each level in this game.

Take part in this game, you will enjoy the adventures of Hexoboy in the Blue world. This world consists of 18 levels. Each level is a separate environment. However, they have one thing in common that is the task of pulling the flag at the end of the map to mark your conquest.

Instructions on how to play

First, you will start this game at level 1. Once you have entered level 1 of this Blue world. You will see instruction boards that will tell you what is good and bad in this world. For example, you are encouraged to collect stars and crowns along the way before you reach the flag's location and pull it. After you have collected the star and crown and pulled the flag, level 2 of the Blue world will be unlocked. Thus, you will be able to experience the next level. Have a great adventure experience! Remember that the arrow keys and space bar are the controls that you will use in this game.

How To Play

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