Dreadhead Parkour

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Get ready for a thrilling run with Dreadhead in Dreadhead Parkour. Your parkour skills of running, jumping, and climbing will be shown through this game.

Instruction to play

This parkour game offers a challenging environment in which you try to overcome difficulties to reach the finish line. The difficulties are the uneven roads, the always-on chainsaws blocking your way, the tall walls, and the sharp hedges of thorns. You overcome those challenges and obstacles with your parkour skills like running, jumping, crouching, and more. These skills must be shown at the right time to avoid colliding with those obstacles. Will you overcome all those obstacles or will your character die?

How to control

This parkour game has the same control as other parkour games like Parkour: Go or Parkour Race, you control the character to run forward with the right arrow key or D. The character will jump up if you press the up arrow key or W. The crouching and sliding actions to traverse the narrow streets are performed using a combination of the down and the right arrow key. When you release all the controls, the Dreadhead character will stop.

How To Play

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