Geometry Dash

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In Geometry Dash, you will control a cube completing race tracks. Obstacles keep appearing on the road, requiring you to be very focused and alert to overcome them.

Geometry Dash's challenges

In this game, your main task is to control the cube to jump over a series of thorny obstacles. There are many dangerous traps waiting for you, do not fall into them. If you collide with an obstacle then you will have to start over. The cube will move on its own so all you need to do is click it to jump up to dodge the spikes. Unlike the ball rolling games, the square block after landing needs to roll to the position next to the square corner to continue to jump. Therefore, you need to calculate the right time to jump and land, usually it will synchronize with the beat of the music in the game. Besides, in the same series with this game, you can try to play Geometry Neon Dash 3. Coming to this new version, you can experience more attractive graphics and more advanced difficulty.

Various levels of play in Geometry Dash

In Geometry Neon Dash, there is a wide variety of skins for the cube for you to choose from, including themes about animals, vehicles, superheroes, and machines... All of them are quite unique and important that most of them don't need to pay extra to buy them. Moreover, the levels of play are equally diverse. There are up to 15 levels for you to choose from, and you can also freely choose the level you want to play without being required to pass the lower levels. However, it is certain that the higher the level, the higher the difficulty. Besides, each level has different background and music, they depend on the theme of each level. Thanks to that, you will never get bored when playing this game.

How to control

Use the mouse, spacebar, or arrow keys to control.

How To Play

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