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Geometry Dash Butterfly Effect

About Geometry Dash Butterfly Effect

Let's try playing Geometry Dash Butterfly Effect which is a 1.9 solo Easy Demon Level made by Linco. Feel the rhythm while running in the deadly maze.

This game is an easy remake of Geometry Dash Nine Circles. One distinctive feature of this game is a teal-like color scheme. In addition, it features many mini-wave segments utilizing fakes in quite a few places. Furthermore, the gravity of the character also changes a little bit, which will put your basic ability to the test. Play the game now to show us your skills. If you like this game, remember to check out other versions of Geometry Dash Unblocked such as Geometry Dash Fear Me and Geometry Dash Ultra Paracosm.

The gameplay of Geometry Dash Butterfly Effect

0-12%: At the start of the game, you will control a cube to overcome many obstacles. Be careful with fake lines and tricky orbs.

13-26%: Then, the game switches to a double-speed ship sequence.

26-28%: Next, when the bear drops a little bit and then picks up speed, the game transitions to a short auto-cube section.

29-100%: After that, you will come to a triple-speed wave segment. At this part, you will encounter numerous fake lines and size changes, with many sawblades and spikes. Be careful if you don't want to lose soon. Keep in mind that the wave will gradually raise in difficulty in the second half. For example, the size of the wave will gradually change and you have to control it to run in tiger spaces. Moreover, near the end, the wave is doubled. It means that you have to guide two waves to reach the end. It is possible to say that it is the trickiest part of this game. Good luck!

How to control: Click the left mouse button to jump or fly up.