Geometry Dash Fear Me

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Join Geometry Dash Fear Me which is a 1.9/2.0 Medium Demon made by Crispy Dash. Try your best to dodge all dangers and reach the end of the game.

This game is a remake of Geometry Dash Nine Circles. The distinctive feature of this game is a sky-blue theme. Along the way, you can see the blue sky and beautiful rainbows, which bring you an interesting playing experience. Try it now! Remember to check out other versions of Geometry Dash Unblocked such as Geometry Dash DecodeX, Geometry Dash Death Moon, and Geometry Dash Lite.

The playing rule of Geometry Dash Fear Me

At the start of the game, you enter a fairly simple normal-speed cube section that features numerous fakes, tricks, and orbs. Then, the game switches to a harder double-speed ship sequence. At this part, you will encounter the classical slopes, an abundance of saw-blades, tight spaces, and gravity switches. Next, you will come to a normal speed cube segment. Along the way, you have to avoid an abundance of fake blocks, tricky orbs, and spikes. After that, the game transitions to an apparent auto-cube with invisible spikes and fake lines. Afterward, you will enter a short but tricky mini-ball segment. Then, you will come to the most difficult part of this game which is the wave section. You have to overcome spikes, fake lines, a few saw-blades, and size/gravity portals. Finally, you return to a cube section.

How To Play

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