Geometry Dash Nine Circles

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Join Geometry Dash Nine Circles which is a 1.9/2.0 solo Hard Demon Level made by Zobros. You must dodge all tricky traps and collect all user coins.

This game is the fourth most downloaded Demon level in Geometry Dash Unblocked. Now it is available online on our website. Click the Play button to play it now. This version uses 1.9-design and effects, especially prevalent in its now-iconic strobing wave section, which is different from other versions such as Geometry Dash Paracosm Circles or Geometry Dash Jawbreaker.

The playing rules of Geometry Dash Line Circles

0-22%: At the start of the game, you will enter a cube section, consisting of a few simple jumps and tricks. Then, the character changes to a double-speed ship flying through slopes and spaces.

22-34%: After that, the game switches to a ball segment with jump orbs and gravity portals. Note that you can see many fake jump orbs along the way. Therefore, be careful!

34-39%: Next, you will come to a slow, easy cube segment with two simple jumps. However, when the music drops, it means a drastic increase in difficulty.

39-50%: Afterwards, the game will enter the wave section. At 45%, you must pass through an invisible space in the "slope".

50-62%: Then, you will enter an anti-gravity wave section returning to triple speed with more timing and maneuvering. At 58%, the wave is distributed into two waves after passing through a portal

62-72%: You will move to a difficult mini-wave section which requires your quick reaction to avoid slopes.

72-83%: You will enter a mini anti-gravity wave segment. It is also considered to be the hardest section of the game.

84-100%: Ultimately, you will enter with a medium-difficulty cube section. When you see Zobros' name, it means that you reach the end of the game.

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