Papa Louie 3

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Participate in Papa Louie 3 to experience a fantastic adventure game from the Papa series. The objective of the game is to liberate all people from a scientist.

A dreadful incident occurred when a nefarious and deranged scientist invented a bizarre contraption that transformed delectable cakes and candies into hideous creatures. These creatures are harming humanity. You are one of the fortunate few who have escaped the assault of these monsters. You've chosen to save your companions from this peril. To successfully rescue your loved ones, you must first shield yourself from forest critters, then battle dangerous monsters and travel treacherous terrains. On your quest, you will come across a lot of valuable items. Collect as many as possible since they will be useful at some time. Similar to Cubes, World's Hardest Game, and Crossy Road, the game is appropriate for all ages and genders. Let's instantly join in the game to save your loved ones.

How to play

Your character may move, leap, dive, and swim with the arrow keys. When you face an enemy, press space to attack.

How To Play

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