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World's Hardest Game

About World's Hardest Game

World's Hardest Game is one of the most difficult games in the world. In the game, you control a square from the beginning position to the destination.

Welcome to World's Hardest Game! True to its name, this game will give you an unprecedented sense of challenge. However, it will also give you a sense of conquest. There are many levels as well as versions of this game. Can you pass level 1 to move on to a more difficult level? Are you ready to join the world's hardest game?

The game is designed with a platform full of obstacles where the stones are constantly moving alternately. Your task is to navigate a square from the original position past those stones to reach a safe location. Besides, these round stones also move at extremely fast speeds. Therefore, it can be said that this task is very difficult because it is difficult to avoid colliding with those stones. If your red square collides with those stones, your square will be broken and the game is over. In contrast, you will move on to the next level when your red square reaches the destination safely. Finally, if you feel this game is so difficult, let's come to Geometry Dash Unblocked and Granny to relax and then come back.