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Welcome to Cubes designed based on the classic 2048 and snake game. Let's collect free blocks and eat other players whose numbers are smaller than you.

If you have previously played the kind of snake and 2048 games, do not hesitate to play this Cubes multiplayer game. As I stated above, this game is considered a combination multiplayer io game of Snake Game and 2048 Run 3D. Your objective is to guide your cube figure around the arena so that it collects blocks in order to grow. Combining two similar integers into a single block will result in the total of both numbers. Additionally, you may consume anybody smaller than you, even your opponent. Simultaneously, you should be on the alert for bigger rivals who are going to consume you or remove a substantial chunk of your block supply.

Some tips to play the game

  • You may cut opponents and grab their blocks if their blocks are smaller than yours.
  • Use the speed upgrade to swiftly catch up to your opponents by holding down the left mouse button and activating the speed upgrade. After moving quickly for two seconds, you must wait six seconds to calm down.
  • Avoid the division symbol since it will divide your numbers in half.

How To Play

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