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Geometry Dash Jawbreaker

About Geometry Dash Jawbreaker

Geometry Dash Jawbreaker is a 1.9 Hard Demon Level developed by  ZenthicAlpha. Run on the maze filled with deadly traps and feel the rhythm of the game.

This game invites fans of Geometry Dash Unblocked. It is a 1.9 Hard Demon made by ZenthicAlpha and also is a difficult remake of Nine Circles by Zobros. It is considered to be a difficult level. Therefore, the developer ranks it as a Medium-Hard Demon. Unlike other versions such as Geometry Dash Cataclysm or Geometry Dash Acid Rush, this game features a couple of tight spaces, a very high abundance of gravity and size changes, and a few speed changes. This will bring you a fresh playing experience.

The gameplay of Geometry Dash Jawbreaker

Play this game now to join a new journey with the cube character. At the start of the game, you have to take control of the cube character to dodge various obstacles. Then, the character transforms into a double-speed ship that can fly. You must fly through tricky gravity portals and tight spaces. Next, you will enter a ball sequence and then a cube sequence. After that, when the beat drops, the cube changes to a wave. Control the wave to run as fast as possible to reach the destination to win.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to jump or fly up.