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Flood Runner 3

About Flood Runner 3

Coming to the next version, Flood Runner 3 promises to be a hit game that can make players extremely excited. Are you ready to accompany the main character of the game to complete the missions?

Escape the heat wave in Flood Runner 3

Coming to this game, you need to control your character to run, jump, and fly to avoid the pursuit of dangerous heat waves. In Flood Runner 3, your character can only land on platforms. You also need to pay attention to the character's health through the HP bar on the screen. There is also a slider, when it turns green, you can surf. Moreover, in Flood Runner 3, fire can burn your life, but will give you a huge amount of money, and walls are where you can run through by pressing up to perform a wall. It can be said that Flood Runner 3 is one of the most attractive games, but there are many other games like Geometry Dash Unblocked, Geometry Dash Butterfly Effect, or Basketball Beans that are also worth a try.

How to control

Use the mouse or arrow keys to control.