Basketball Beans

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Basketball Beans is a popular sports game in which a player as a little bean man competes in a basketball tournament. Try your best to get the gold cup.

Instruction to play Basketball Beans

Basketball Beans is a must-have for any sports fan. As I previously stated, when you enter this game, you will be a little bean man competing in a basketball tournament and attempting to be the champion. To win the best one, players must control their character to run, steal the ball from opponents' hands, pass the ball to their team, and try to throw the basketball into the opponent's basket. A tournament consists of three shots. You win if you can make two-point shots. Furthermore, the timing clock bar at the top of the screen indicates how long you win or lose. Furthermore, the timing clock bar will be located between two scoreboards that display the scores of your team and the opposing team. Be wary of your opponents because they may try to steal the basketball from you. Are you prepared to compete in a basketball tournament? Best wishes!

How To Play

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