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About Dunkers

If you are looking for a fun entertaining game, Dunkers will not let you down. Start the game and compete in basketball matches under the enthusiastic cheers of the audience!

Experience the exciting game modes of Dunkers

This is a very popular game because of its simple but interesting gameplay. Join the game, you will control your character to jump up to steal the ball and score at the opponent's goal. Dunkers include 3 attractive game modes: arcade, career, and 2-player mode. In arcade mode, you will play against any opponent, and if you score, the game will continue. Conversely, if your opponent scores you, you lose immediately and move on to play with another player. In career mode, you will compete against different opponents in turn. Whoever scores 3 goals first will win the match and be promoted to 1 place on the leaderboard. Meanwhile, Dunkers allows participants to experience the game with friends in the 2-player mode. In addition to this fascinating game, you can participate in confronting challenges in other games such as Geometry Dash Unblocked, Bottle Flip 2, and PartyToons.

How to control

  • Use the left/ right arrow keys to move player 1.
  • Press Z/X to move player 2.