Bottle Flip 2

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Bottle Flip 2 is a game that simulates the trend of throwing water bottles that caused a stir in the online community a while ago. Are you ready for the task of throwing the water bottle from one location to another while it still stands?

Complete the challenge in Bottle Flip 2

In reality, people will stand still and toss water bottles, however, coming to Bottle Flip 2, the challenge of the game has been upgraded. You will have to throw the water bottle from one location to another in the house. The positions can be cabinets, bed, piano, table, chair, etc. Whatever the positions are, your goal should be to flip the water bottle so that it stands firmly in those positions. Also, don't forget to collect the diamonds in Bottle Flip 2. They can help you unlock skins for the bottle, and unlock other exciting and challenging game modes. The important thing in Bottle Flip 2 is that you need to calculate and control the force of flipping the bottle so that it can jump the correct distance from one position to another. As long as you let the bottle fall to the ground, you lose. If you are bored with this game, there are many other games that are also worth a try, such as Geometry Dash Unblocked, Worm Hunt, or CDrone Survival.

How to control

Use the mouse to control.

How To Play

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