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About PartyToons

If you are looking for an entertaining game, but are confused because there are too many attractive games. PartyToons is a perfect choice for you. This game can provide you with many different mini-games.

Join the attractive mini-games of PartyToons

Coming to this game, each time you play, you will participate in 4 mini-games of PartyToons. You will join 3 other players, competing against each other through these 4 mini-games. Whoever gets more wins will be the overall winner. In this game, you can join your friends, or compete against the computer. There are many different types of mini-games in PartyToons, each with its own rules. Maybe you will have to perform the task of jumping on a carousel to avoid obstacles, and earn points by popping a balloon. Or, in the Flappy Party game, you need to fly as far as you can without hitting a pipe. The important thing in PartyToons is that you need to act faster than other players to win as many points as possible. Use coins to unlock new skins and characters. Also, if you are bored with this game, we have other titles that are also very attractive like Geometry Dash Unblocked, Narrow.one, or Polyblicy.

How to control

Use the arrow keys to control.