Age of War

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Taking part in the thrilling battles through the ages in the Age of War game will give you the great experience ever. Are you ready to play this defense strategy game?

The rules of the Age of War game

As I mentioned earlier, you will plan smart strategies to defend your territory and capture your opponent's territory. Start the game with battles in the primitive age, the members of your unit are only equipped with wooden sticks or arrows as weapons. They also do not have armor for defense. However, Dinosaurs will support you during the game.

Over time of battle and protection, you will check the XP points. The XP point reaches a certain level that will help you upgrade your civilization to become more modern. Specifically, members are equipped with armor, iron weapons, and support aircraft. Let's show your strategies and enjoy the battle! Finally, don't forget to check out Monkey Mart and Drive Mad for more great games.

How To Play

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