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Drive Mad

About Drive Mad

Driving games are always the most popular online game genre. Among the most popular driving games, Drive Mad is occupying a very prominent position in the recent rankings. Let's explore what this driving game has.

Interesting gameplay of Drive Mad

This driving game has all 100 levels corresponding to 100 challenges that you have to overcome. Each challenge has its own name. You must pass each challenge in order to progress in the game. In addition, you can click on the Menu section to get an overview of these 100 levels. Now let's start with the first level.

Driving the off-road car through dangerous and deadly roads to reach the destination is your duty. It is very easy for you to pass the first two levels, First Gear and Back Up. Because these two levels are only meant to help players understand how to control the car. From level 3 onwards, you will experience the so-called really dangerous and deadly road. Let's get ready for crazy driving time. In addition, you can check out other driving games such as Jeep Driver and Toon Drive 3D.