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Monkey Mart

About Monkey Mart

Learn to run a supermarket business with Monkey Mart now. Your task is to fill the shelves with corn, bananas, eggs, and milk and then sell them to earn money.

Imagine that you have a supermarket in a jungle. You must find all ways to attract other monkeys to visit your supermarket and buy your products. To meet this objective, you need to follow the following instructions. The first thing you need to do is to grow bananas and corn as they are the favorite food of monkeys. After that, move the banana and corn to the shelves in the supermarket to attract customers. After the customers get these fruits, you need to collect their payments. When you have enough money, you can start to grow a chicken and a cow to get eggs and milk. Remember that the number of customers will increase corresponding to the number of products in your supermarket. Therefore, if you cannot handle all tasks in the supermarket, I recommend you hire more stackers and a cashier.

Control: Press Arrow Keys to control the Monkey.

Upgrade and customize your monkey

Upgrading the stackers and cashiers in your supermarket is super important as this helps to boost their productivity. After being upgraded, they will run faster and work harder. Besides, you can go to the hat shop where many kinds of hats are sold. Use the money you earn to buy your favorite hats to customize your monkey.