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Wood Block Puzzle 2

About Wood Block Puzzle 2

Challenge your brain with Wood Block Puzzle 2. Choose the right space and place the given blocks into them. Let's experience classic gameplay in this game.

Wood Block Puzzle 2 gameplay

With the classic gameplay, you will addict to the game. Many missions are given which are waiting for you to complete. The final aim is to clear the wood blocks in the playing field to get the room for given blocks. You will receive three blocks each time, and you need to arrange them properly to be full horizontal and vertical lines. When you clear a line, you will receive some points. When you get enough points, you can gain a medal. The game will be over when there isn't space to put given blocks into. Let's use your skills and cleverness to make some awesome combos.

What makes Wood Puzzle 2 addicted

Although the game has classic gameplay, it owns beautiful graphics. When you complete a mission, you will get some coins. You can use coins to continue the game when there is no space. Because of its gameplay and graphics, you can have a relaxing time and have fun on your free day or after a long day. Moreover, the game is also suitable for all ages. What medal can you get? Click on the game to show your skills and intelligence!

Benefits from playing this game

You can increase your logical thinking. Moreover, you will be more patient to do something and think carefully. Playing time for a long time can help you become a master of this game. Do you want to play another puzzle game, Neon Tile Rush is for you.

More information


Wood Puzzle 2 is published by Beetles Studio.


No time limited

Suitable players

Children and adults all can play Wood Puzzle 2

Features of Wood Block Puzzle 2

  • Beautiful graphics
  • Clear all wood blocks
  • Arrange the given blocks reasonably
  • Suitable for all ages

How to control

Use the mouse to move the given blocks