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Neon Tile Rush

About Neon Tile Rush

Neon Tile Rush is blowing players' minds on the world. Control a square in a maze and face many challenges. Can you complete two hard missions?

Now, puzzle games are increasingly popular and Neon Tile Rush is considered as a new famous puzzle game. This game will exercise your brain for thinking and making strategies in a short time. It combines a puzzle game and a running game. Therefore, your agility and cleverness are very necessary. You will help a square escape from a maze and reach the finish line

The obstacles in Neon Tile Rush

Your playing ground is a maze made from many blocks. The box has many corners which can cause some problems moving. Therefore, you need to use your intelligence to find the best way. Besides the corners, deadly obstacles such as spikes or saw blades can destroy your square with one hit. The square only moves in a straight line, so sometimes, you have to wait some seconds for the traps to disappear. Beware of the raising water which can drown out everything. Therefore, the time is limited. You can't stop to think strategy for a long time. 

Neon Tile Rush levels

In this game, many hard levels that can challenge your brain. You have to solve the puzzle to help the square go to the destination safely. You don’t only need to solve the problems, but you also collect as many coins as possible. Try your best to get all stars to complete the level with three stars.  With the easy gameplay and colourful graphics, it is suitable for all age groups, even children and families. After completing all exciting levels of Neon Tile Rush, let's come and help another square character in Geometry Loop Jump

How to control

Use arrow keys to move the square


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