Twerk Run

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It is time for the twerk competition in Twerk Run. You control a girl to collect as many burgers as possible. Be bigger and knock out your opponents now!

Are you ready for twerk competitions? How to defeat the opponents in the competition. You should make your body bigger. On the road to the competition, your mission is to collect burgers to grow up your character's body. Vegetables and exercise machines can minimize your body size, so try to avoid them. Beware of the rails because you can fall into water easily. Moreover, there are many obstacles which can make your body thinner. When you reach the destination, you need to push your opponent. Estimate the strength with the power bar, and click the mouse to stop at the perfect strength.

In the game, you can experience many different levels with thousand of obstacles. After completing a level, you can get some coins. Then you can use the coin to buy upgrades and unlock new characters. The game will be more challenging when the vegetable and exercise machines appear more and more. Let's use your control skills to overcome the problems. You can play the game in your free time or after a long day. How many levels can you pass? Good luck!

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Who developed Twerk Run?

This game was developed by Freeplay Inc.

Can I treat Twerk Run?

We highly recommend you should play by yourself to have the best experience.

How to control?

Press and swipe the mouse to move and release to stop

How To Play

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