Go Up Dash

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Play Go Up Dash online with 60 incredible characters. Try your best to complete all 14 levels full of traps and barriers by jumping, running, and flying.

Are you familiar with the square on the Geometry Dash Unblocked? Now, he has another adventure in Go Up Dash. Let's help him overcome many challenges in his adventures. In this game, the little square will move on a narrow tube. There are tons of different obstacles on the two sides of the tube. Use your observation and agility to help the character escape from the tube.

How to conquer the Go Up Dash online game

When coming to this game, your task is to control the square to reach the finish line. Of course, the way to the finish line isn't smooth. Various obstacles are waiting for you. They have different shapes and move continuously. There are some obstacles that can actively attack you. Let's change the left or right sides to dodge obstacles. Before clicking to shift side, you should look ahead to the next terrain to choose the best location for the square. The speed of the character is more and more quickly. Therefore, your agility is very important.

How to control

Click the mouse to change the side

Some exciting features of Go Up Dash

In this game, you can change the characters for free. There are 60 cute square characters. Are 60 square characters enough for you? Do you want to experience more characters who aren't square? Geometry Jump World will provide thousands of characters with different shapes and features. Select your favorite character and start to challenge yourself.

With simple graphics, you can play Go Up Dash without lag. The game is designed with 14 levels which have unique obstacles. If you fail a level, you can replay that level until you pass it. However, each replay will make your attempt number increase. You can see the attempt number when starting the game. How many attempts do you need to pass a level? Let's find the answer when playing Go Up Dash.

The main menu of Go Up Dash

You can see the main menu on the starting screen. You can choose one of the 60 characters when pressing the character button. Next to the character button is the play button. When you are ready to face obstacles, press the play button to play the game. One more thing, you can turn off or on the sound by pressing the sound button. With simple buttons, children can also easily play the game. Hope you will have a great time with the game.


Is Go Up Dash unblocked on this website?

Yes, of course. You can play the game anytime you want.

Can I play the game for free?

Yes, you can play the game on our website for free.

What are the tips and tricks for Go Up Dash?

Always look at two sides of the screen to know the obstacles' position and movement.

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