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Tug The Table

About Tug The Table

Experience intense and exciting tug battles in Tug The Table. Will you get the first 5 stars to represent the winner? Use all your strength to tug and defeat your opponent.

Tug battles in the Tug The Table game

When you access this game, you will have to choose between two game modes: one player and two players.

  • In single-player mode, you will have to tug with another player and try to get the first 5 stars to be the winner. Choosing a room, table, and character is the first step to officially starting a tug battle. Then, you officially face your opponent by using the up arrow key to pull the table toward you.
  • In two-player mode, you will control 2 characters at the same time to have them fight each other. Specifically, you use the W key to control the character on the left of the screen. Press the up arrow button to let the other character perform the tug operation.

Developer and release date

Great Games is the developer of this fun game and released it in July 2019. This developer also created Color Tunnel. Have fun!