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Color Tunnel

About Color Tunnel

Moving at an extremely fast speed but also avoiding collisions with obstacles is your goal when becoming a member of Color Tunnel.

Move forward and avoid obstacles in Color Tunnel

Moving left and right to avoid obstacles is your basic mission when participating in Color Tunnel. However, the obstacles will not stay in one place, it can move, rotate, or change position to make it difficult for you. Besides, there is another reason why this game requires you to be highly focused and skillful when moving, which is the super fast movement speed. Those are the things that make this game special, although difficult, but want to conquer. That is why Color Tunnel can attract so many players. If you find yourself having a bit of trouble with this game when you have to play in first person, you can try Geometry. In this game, you will control another cartoon character to overcome challenges, making it easier for you to visualize and control the game.

Some strengths of Color Tunnel

Color Tunnel is a game with a very unique interface when the track is the tunnel. Along with that, the graphics of the tunnel constantly change in both color and other details through each race. This is an advantage of this game, it helps you go from surprise to surprise, allowing you to admire the beauty of the tunnel through each play. Moreover, the track will not be fixed, instead, every time you move the direction, the track will also change according to your perspective. Run as far as possible and the farthest distance you have traveled will also be displayed on the screen to give you the motivation to break your own record.

How to control

You can use the arrow or AD keys to control the game.