Trackmania Blitz

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The driving game always brings lots of emotion to the player. Trackmania Blitz will turn you into a pro racer. This game is a perfect choice to practice your reactions and driving skills. You also can enhance your skills in Go Up Dash. The max speed will blow your mind.

Trackmania Blitz invites you to compete in a serious race.

In the ultimate speed competition, race against the world's fastest drivers! Compete against 15 other players in lightning-fast elimination races to show off your wheel skills by acing precision turns, high-speed jumps, and good handling. Be careful when sometimes, the players can collide with your vehicles.

Survive at all costs by staying at the top of punishing elimination races and breaking world records on the global leaderboard! Your vehicle moves automatically, so all you have to do is steer it in the right direction. Can you gain first place in all races? Hope you will have a good time!

In Trackmania Blitz, you must eliminate other racers.

As you know, this game seems like a fast and challenging top-down 2D live multiplayer racing game based on the legendary game. This game will propel players into high-speed real-multiplayer elimination races complete with wild jumps, loops, and turbo boosts. Experience high-octane multiplayer racing with crazy jumps, loops, and turbo boosts! At all costs, stay ahead of the merciless elimination r! Set your own world record on the global leaderboard! Keep in mind that this leaderboard only displays the top players who are extremely skilled. Are you one of them? We are waiting to see your result.


  • PC: Use the right and left arrow keys to steer
  • Mobile: tap and hold the left or right side of the screen to steer. You can choose a different control scheme in the Navigation Bar widget.

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