Temple Run 2

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Control a character to run away from a monster in an ancient temple in Temple Run 2! Collecting as much gold as you can brings you many advantages.

Are you a big fan of adventure games? You can't ignore a super game - Temple Run 2. This game receives many positive reactions from players because of its graphics and classic gameplay. Every detail in the game is made to look like the real thing from clouds, stones or monsters. They all bring a real feeling to the player. Although the game is in 2013. However, the game still is on the favourite list of many players over the world until now. Temple Run 2 is developed by Imangi Studios and it is a sequel to Temple Run.

Your main task is to avoid all obstacles and deadly traps on the road. Find the best way to escape from the monster. You can experience all kinds of topography such as on the land, water, underground, etc. Run as fast as possible without colliding the obstacles. If you hit any of them, you may be a breakfast of the monster. Besides, you also have to collect gold to make the power bar be full. You can press the space bar to active power-up. Then, you can run faster and be immortal for a short time.

Are you ready for a thrilling adventure? You must run on an endless road until you are caught or fall into the abyss. With realistic graphics and third-person vision, you will have real emotion. Estimate to jump, slide or turn left and right reasonably to move as far as possible. This is also what should you do in Geometry Neon Dash.


Does Temple Run 2 end?

No, it is an endless game

Do I need to install Temple Run 2 on my computer?

No, you can play Temple Run 2 online on our web.

What is the monster in Temple Run 2?

It is a devil monkey.

Is Temple Run 2 free?

Yes, this game is available on our web for free.

Is Temple Run 2 is only running game on the web?

No, you can try Run 3 - another exciting running game.

How to control

  • Up arrow to jump
  • Down arrow to slide
  • Right arrow to turn right
  • Left arrow to turn left

How To Play

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