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Geometry Neon Dash

About Geometry Neon Dash

Geometry Neon Dash is a running game where your mission is to help a little square reach its destination. Jump, fly overcome tons of deadly traps right now!

It is the original version of the Geometry Neon Dash list. In this game, you will see the little square who is the main character in Geometry Dash Unblocked again. Continue the adventure of this square in Geometry Neon Dash. In this game, its adventure will be shorter within 5 rounds. You will control the square and the plane in turn through the levels. For example, if the first level you will navigate the square, in the second level you will fly the plane.

How to pass five levels in Geometry Neon Dash

  • To control the square, you just click the mouse or touch the screen to jump over obstacles. You should estimate the distance between your character and traps to make correct jumps. When your character comes close to the trap, click the mouse immediately to get over them. Don't jump when it is too far from obstacles. Any mistakes will make your square crumble.
  • To fly a plane, remember the no-touch rule like other geometry dash games. In these levels, the obstacles and traps won't only appear on the ground, but they also attack you from the ceiling. Therefore, you only can fly between the ceiling and the ground. If you touch any traps, the game will be over.

Some useful tips in the Geometry Neon Dash game

  • Don't try to get all stars on the way. It is impossible.
  • Observe the terrain of the coming tracks to make a quick strategy.
  • The speed of your character will be faster and faster and the obstacles and traps will be more and more.

What makes Geometry Neon Dash attractive

The most difference between this game and the same kinds of games is stars. You encounter a lot of stars on the road. You can go through them to collect them. What do these stars do for you? They will help you unlock 20 funny characters in the shop. They can be Mario, Pikachu, Angry Bird, Hello Kitty, etc. Sounds interesting, right? You will have a chance to see many famous characters in square shapes. Can you buy all characters and experience them? Although the stars are necessary, the life of the square is even more important. So, don't try to collect stars that put the block's life at risk. The game offers a thrilling adventure in a colourful world for you to have fun. When you complete this adventure in Geometry Neon Dash, you can continue another trip in Geometry Neon Dash 2.

Geometry Neon Dash Setting

Before playing the game, you can see a simple main menu. There is a play button between the character button and the more game button. Therefore, let's click on the character button to buy or choose your favourite character first. Then, press the play button to start the adventure. Moreover, you can turn off or on sound by clicking on the speaker icon in the top left corner of the screen.

How to control

  • Click the mouse to play
  • Touch the screen to play