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Super Oscar

About Super Oscar

For anyone looking for an entertaining game, Super Oscar can satisfy them. This is a fun game where you can pass the time without getting bored.

Complete the levels in Super Oscar

In this game, you need to control your character to run, jump to collect coins, and avoid obstacles. Obstacles of Super Oscar are also quite diverse, sometimes you need to jump from platform to platform, and sometimes you need to destroy monsters to survive. To be able to fight monsters, you can use fireballs or jump on top of them. Try to collect as many coins as possible to unlock the features of this game. Super Oscar consists of many levels with increasing difficulty, in each level, you need to run to the finish line to finish that level and move on to a higher level. In addition to Super Oscar, if you want to experience other exciting games, we have Geometry Dash Unblocked, Number Jumping, or Long Neck Run.

How to control

  • Use the arrow keys to move.
  • Press the spacebar to jump.
  • Press Z to use the fireball.