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Number Jumping

About Number Jumping

Number Jumping is challenging many players over the world. Here, you will reduce the number of boxes to zero. Be careful when a square only moves step by step.

The principles of Number Jumping

If you want to find an interesting game to entertain in your free time, Number Jumping will be your perfect choice. Your mission is to clear all number boxes to pass the level. A box's number is reduced by one each time the green box jumps on it. You need to make some strategies before jumping because the numbers on the boxes are different. When the number of boxes decreases to zero, the boxes will disappear. Move the square to other boxes immediately. If the square falls out of the screen, the game will be over. If you think Number Jumping is too difficult to play, you can try Geometry. It is easier than Number Jumping. You will play with geometry instead of numbers. 

Number Jumping levels

The game offers 35 levels for you to play. The next levels are more complicated than the previous levels. Although the game has simple graphics, passing all 35 levels isn’t easy. The game requires your intelligence to clear all the boxes without falling out of the screen. The game is not only to entertain but also exercising your brain and it is also suitable for children. Let’s work with the numbers and be a master. Good luck! 


Is there instruction in Number Jumping Game?

Yes, you can see it on the main menu. 

How many levels are there in Number Jumping?

There are 35 levels in this game.

Can I play Number Jumping on my mobile?

Yes, the game can be playable on the web browser (desktop and mobile).

How to control

Use arrow keys or AD keys to move left or right.


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