Sticky Road

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Sticky Road is not for weak-hearted people because of its bloody. Players have to control a crazy old man through many deadly traps on the road.

Are you a brave person? Now, our web will bring a horror game to you. Sticky Road has many bloody details that may make you scared. Therefore, we highly suggest this game isn't for children. They should play Geometry Loop Jump which has a cute character.

There is a road full of dangerous things which can kill you in a second such as bombs. There is an old man sitting in a wheelchair who is stuck on this road. The duty of this game is to help him overcome the dead-dangerous obstacles, survive as long as possible, and reach the end of the level. It is extremely important to know how to skillfully move the wheelchair successfully. You should combinate move forward and keep the balance of the character or the vehicle. Press the right arrow and left to lean forward or backwards. Besides, If you experience too many collisions, which wear out your character and cause them to lose too much blood, you will lose. Are you confident to show your skills? Let's show me!

Characters and stages in Sticky Road

There are four available characters to select (Old man, black girl, father and son, and gangster. You can choose one of four characters to start the game. Each character will own a different vehicle.

Sticky Road also provides many stages with different challenges. They are obstacles course, gut bus extreme, BMX park II, Snowy Mountain Final, Dawn of the dead.LV1, A large satan eats U, Traptrac, It keeps happening and Rope Swings. Specially, you can experience all these stages without money or unlocking.

Features of Sticky Road

  • Scary sound effects
  • Various deadly obstacles
  • Superb graphics and effects

How to control

Press arrow keys or A/ W/ S/ D to move.

How To Play

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