Geometry Loop Jump

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Geometry Loop Jump is an enjoyable game where you have to jump over obstacles to finish a circle. Let's ẹnoy this unique game for free on our web now!

If you are finding a fun game in your free time. Geometry Loop Jump is for you. Welcome to the world of geometry. Geometry Loop Jump will bring new gameplay for you. In this game, you will control a funny character which is a square. However, your character will not move on the ground or in the air like Geometry Dash Unblocked. It will run in a big circle. There are many obstacles and enemies in this circle. You need to use your control skills to help your character overcome all challenges and complete the circle.

Geometry Loop Jump gameplay

The obstacles will appear randomly in the circle. When you jump over a spike, it will change position in the next parts of the circle. Therefore, you should pay attention to the next part of the circle. Moreover, many enemies move around the circle and they can attack you with one touch. So, try to dodge them. Tap to the screen to jump and hold to jump higher. There are some gold stars along your way. Try your best to collect all stars in the circle. These stars can be useful for you. You only have one chance to finish all the levels. You have to pass the level one by one. The next levels will have harder difficulties. If you hit the obstacles, you have to start that level once again. There are 102 levels for you to challenge your control skills. You will pass the level when the number of percentages at the top of the screen reaches 100%.

How to control

  • Click the mouse to jump over
  • Tap on the screen to jump over

Each character in Geometry Loop Jump

When you go through stars on the way, you can get them. Then, you can use them to change characters before playing the game. There are three characters, including Angle, Lucky and Warrior. Each character has a unique ability. Angle character will have a shield to protect himself from the spike. However, it can not prevent your enemies from attacking you. Lucky character will have the ability like his name: lucky. The Warrior owns a rocket which can destroy a spike and enemy. All of these characters are stronger than the normal character. However, you only use them one time. If you want to utilise them one more time, you need to buy them again. Therefore, you should use them on very hard levels.

More information

Geometry Loop Jump with easy gameplay is suitable for children. The funny character will help them have fun after a long lesson. A unique terrain will make you surprised. If you want a better experience, you should play in full-screen mode. The game is playable on computers, android devices and on iPhones and iPad. Can you pass 102 levels? Good luck

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