Stair Run Online

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Are you ready to play Stair Run Online? Control a stickman to collect as many bricks as possible. Build stairs to overcome red zones and gain victory.

In this game, you need to get over the red obstacles and reach the finish line. There are many different levels for you to play. You need to use bricks to build the stair to go over the red zone. When you overcome all the red obstacles and reach the finish line, you will complete the levels. In the end, if you can climb the top of the mountain, you get more coins. You should be careful and choose a suitable position to start building the stairs to avoid wasting the bricks or touching the red items. If your character touches the red objects, the game will end. You can access the game via browser without installing it. Besides Stair Run Online, you can play Geometry Jump World without installing it.

Play the Stair Run Online game and experience the exciting feeling. Let's turn into the most talented builder to pass all the levels. The game has many levels to exercise your building skills. In this game, you also can unlock skills randomly. How many skins can you experience?

Features of Stair Run Online

  • Simple gameplay and easy control
  • Fun and exciting game with many levels
  • Collecting the bricks on your way to build stairs
  • Climb to the top of the mountain to get many coins
  • Use coins to buy new skins

Some notes in Stair Run Online

  • The main character run automatically and he can't slow down
  • You can't jump over the obstacles, you only build the stair to get over them.
  • Adjust the height of stairs to overcome obstacles. Don't waste the bricks

How to control

Long press the mouse to build stairs to get over the red items.

How To Play

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